Bond Failures? Operators consistently following procedures?

     Operator training & care​ to follow procedures is very important. Often the root of bond failures is not following procedures every ​time with every operator. One example is each operator has their
unique way of spraying mold release. Due to the nature of rubber, ​mold release is needed. It helps release rubber from the mold during demolding, rubber flow, and increase run time between ​mold cleanings.

​​     What is your operators understanding of mold release? ​ “More is better” is not always a good, especially during rubber​ to metal bonding. Are you using adjustable pneumatic mold ​release sprayers? Is the adjustment controlled or checked during ​process audits?

     The tip for today: ensure process auditors are auditing from a distance. Operator's technique can change when “watched” or on “their own”. Once operators understand they are audited at any time they will consistently follow procedures. Note: It takes at least 21 days to break a habit. . . Both process auditors and operators must make following procedures top priority. It will be tough at first. Ultimately, this small focus will make a huge impact on reducing bond failures.

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