JB Enterprises Parts Detailing, LLC:  

The staff at JB Enterprises Parts Detailing, LLC has 17+ years of experience in the rubber molding industry. We are a “Green Company” and strive to offer environmentally friendly alternatives to traditional solvent based products. We specialize in utilizing water based adhesives and custom coatings for the rubber molding industry.

Detail Counts. Attention to detail is the reason JB Enterprises Parts Detailing, LLC was founded, and the promise we continue to deliver on. While most Parts Finishing vendors focus on volume and large production runs, our focus continues to be on the details. JB Enterprises Parts Detailing, LLC offers a more personal approach to details that larger Custom Coating vendors often overlook. 

Our focus on smaller volume run allows us to offer:

​*Attention to Detail
*Competitive Pricing
*Cost Effective Prototyping
*Reduced Lead Times 
A B O U T     U S
PHONE:  1-440-309-4984   EMAIL: sales@jbecustomcoaters.com
JB Enterprises Parts Detailing ,LLC        PHONE: 1-440-309-4984        EMAIL: sales@jbecustomcoaters.com.